Re: [tied] Retroflex Consonants in P.I.E.

From: david_russell_watson
Message: 37811
Date: 2005-05-11

--- In, Piotr Gasiorowski <gpiotr@...>
> There's no evidence for RUKI in Albanian or Armenian, so it
> actually affected Balto-Slavic and Indo-Iranian.

Oh. I wasn't sure, and intended to check before I
sent the message, but in the end I forgot to do so.

Sorry for misinforming you, Patrick.

> Would you, David?

Well _I_ would, or at least I would have before you
told me better, but I clearly don't know very much
about British English. I was sure that I remembered
a fellow in one old movie advising a young lady to
trill the 'r' in the "rain in Spain". :^)

> Uppercrust UK English is non-rhotic, just like mainstream RP.
> If there's anything peculiar about its /r/'s, it's the old-
> fashioned tapping of those in <very>, <hurry>, <far away>,
> <the idea [r] is> etc. (i.e. when intervocalic before an
> unstressed syllable, and in sandhi).

I see. Thank you.

So then would it have been possible for some ancient
Indians to have selectively replaced retroflexes with
dentals after all?