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From: mimoza loki
Message: 37798
Date: 2005-05-11

Can anyone of you tell me what's mean world Illiryan. Should be better explanation for this word.
Illyrians called by greecs. in albanian language is "Ilir" just a litle bit differences. Albanians are descent of Illyrians. Science of History proved that.
I had chat and somebody is writting that albanians are greecs, they said that albanians are same nacionality with different religions that happened when Ottoman empire converted albanians from christianity to islam. How can they say that? They know that is not true, what you guys think about this?

Piotr Gasiorowski <gpiotr@...> wrote:
mimoza loki wrote:

> Hi there,
> lets talk about albanians, these folks are ancient people known like
> indo-european.

We do talk quite a lot about Albanian here. If you have any specific
points to raise or questions to ask, please go ahead.

> My origin is albanian even though I am born in USA my blood is still
> albanian, never mixed with other races.

Well, there's no such thing as "Albanian blood", except as a figure of
speech. There's no biologically definable "Albanian race" either. If
Albanian is your mother tongue, that of course makes you linguistically
Albanian. If you and your family identify with the Albanian cultural and
political heritage, that makes you ethnic Albanians. Here we are mostly
concerned with linguistic questions.


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