Re: [tied] Re: The Hoffmann suffix

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 36421
Date: 2005-02-21

On 05-02-19 12:21, tgpedersen wrote:

> Did you just say "the distribution of non-nasal stems as placenames
> and nasal stems as personal names", as Kuhn did, or something else?

Sorry, I misuderstood your wording the first time. I simply mean that
forming personal names by means of a nasal suffix (individualising
*-o:n) is a very common device in the IE languages, and that there are
placenames with the Hofmann suffix. Could you quote some of Kuhn's
examples of "strong" toponyms vs. "weak" anthoponyms so that we can see
what particular "identical roots" are involved?