Re: [tied] More Slavic accentology

From: Sergejus Tarasovas
Message: 35432
Date: 2004-12-11

> From: Anders R. Jųrgensen [mailto:ollga_loudec@...]

> Yes, it apparently is so in Modern Lith. I should have mentioned
> that the principle of die~vas (4) > die~vis^kas, -à (-õs) (4)
> applies to Dauks^a.

Unfortunately, Dauks^a's accentuation is too inconsistent (and the relevant examples are too scarce) for an unambiguous conclusion. Eg., for die~vis^kas we have both dievis^kõs (2x), dievis^kuN~ (3x) and die~vis^kos (2x), for mer~gis^kas (<- mergà (4)) mergis^kõs (5x) and mer~gis^kos (2x), mer~gis^komis (1x) (cf. also mer~gis^kai (1x), not +mergis^kai~). But yes, probably the vacillation itself reflects the process of the immobilization of adjectives in -is^ka- (finished up in contemporary Standard Lithuanian) in action.