[tied] Re: More Slavic accentology

From: Anders R. Jørgensen
Message: 35417
Date: 2004-12-10

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<ollga_loudec@...> wrote:
> I think the comparison
> between Slav. (pre-Dybo) *-íko- : Lith. -ìka-, Slav. *-ímo-
> : Lith. -
> ìma- can hardly be ignored.

Cf. the accentuation of Slav. *-inó- (mob.): Lith. -ina- (mob.),
Slav. *-iskó- (mob.): Lith. -is^ka- (mob.). All these suffixes
produce mobile adjectives when derived from mobile nouns, as opposed
to -iko- and -imo- mentioned above.

The accentual difference between *-íko-/*-ímo- and *-inó-/*-iskó-
looks like it dates back to PBSl.