Re: [tied] Re: -st

From: Kim Bastin
Message: 34907
Date: 2004-10-30

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004 13:26:23 +0200, Alex wrote:

>that is one of the very interesting roots for me since I cannot see any
>phonetical dificulties for having the actually output in Romanian direct
>from IE root without any Slavic influence. I think here at the phonetic
>interdiction of having "s"+ "voiced" thus the "s" became voiced as well.
>Any idea why should be the Rom. word "pizd√£" a loan from Slavic? I see none,
>at least no phoneticaly one.

Most Vs[+voiced] > Latin V:[+voiced], as in ni:dus. So the above word
cannot be inherited.

Kim Bastin