Re: [tied] Re: Venus [was: Why borrow 'seven'? (was: IE right & 10)]

From: enlil@...
Message: 34868
Date: 2004-10-28

> You claimed: "Most languages (eg: Sumerian /ud/, Chinese /ri/) use
> "sun" to mean "day"".

Yes, but I meant in relation to _calendar_ which ties in to the Etruscan
example that marks the date with /tins'/, /tiur/ and /avil/. So since
I see no example of "sky" being used to mark days in a calendar in any
language I know of, the translation must be false. Also, it's quite
conceivable that another culture's sun god is relatable to Jupiter, if
it were that their version of the Sun was seen as the leader of the
gods like Jupiter is or most prominent in the pantheon.

> BTW, since this is an IE forum, which IE languagues use "sun" for
> "day"?

Good point. However, even here, which one uses "sky" to mark time in
a calendar. I don't know of a single one, do you?

= gLeN