Re: [tied] Re: big-mouth 'brbljiv' or crazy 'brljiv' Milosevic

From: alex
Message: 33867
Date: 2004-08-25

Abdullah Konushevci wrote:
> Dear Alex,
> I suppose you have mixed up two PIE roots *leig^- 'to bind, tie,
> fasten' and *leik- 'to bend'. In first case we have to deal with pure
> palatal *k^- or &k'-, as you wish, and in second with pure velar *k.
> Until *leig^- yields regulary in Alb. interdental /dh/, second form
> yields -lik, like in <nd�rlik> 'to entangle, to complicate' from
> *H1enter- + *leik- and other derivatives: <nd�rlikem> 'to get
> confused, to became muddled up', <nd�rlikoj> 'to complicate',
> <komplikim> 'complication', <i nd�rlikuar> 'complex'. Further more,
> <nd�rlik> is used for the tooth that grew up between two regular
> teeth and for the bended tree <k�rligat>, that has no regular shape,
> but bended one, so is used often for fire.
> It is attested in Illyrian as Epi-licus portus (cf. Epi-cadus, Epi-
> damnus, etc.).
> Konushevci

I assumed that the meaning of "crooked" is given by *ker- and the meaning of
"bound" is given by "*leig-" and not by "leig^-"
with *leig- I mean "*leig-4" namely Pok #1145 and not its palatal form