Re: The palatal sham :)

From: tgpedersen
Message: 30987
Date: 2004-02-12

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> > Hm. It follows from me getting frustrated when I propose
> > new and the response I get is a restatement of something that's
> basic
> > knowledge to most people that know anything about historical
> > lingustics. The message I'm getting is that whoever responds that
> way
> > see my proposal not as an attempt to propose something new and
> better
> > but as a failure on my part to understand basic textbook stuff.
> >
> > So much for that. I'd like to discuss the idea that supposed PIE
> > plain velars occur only in loans. So, fire away, list some
> > of what you believe to be incontrovertible examples of plain
> > and I'll check with Møller and Bomhard. I find them, you lose; I
> > don't find them, I lose. OK?
> What if they primarily occurred in loans into PIE itself?

(Psst. They didn't. I've been checking the results beforehand.)

Aloud: That will take care of the cases with /a/ in Western IE and
normal ablaut outside it.