Re: [tied] Romanian verbal paradigm (Re: Late Proto Albanian...)

From: altamix
Message: 30906
Date: 2004-02-09

Richard Wordingham wrote:

>>>> IV a dormi: dormi-am, dormi-ai,dormi-a, dormi-am, dormi-atzi,
>>>> dormia
>>> You'd do better to analyse the I and II 2s as purta-ai and vedea-
>>> ai.
>> to see a special thing or why?
> Just to bring out the underlying regularity! Incidentally, you
> forgot the modern ending -au for the 3pl of the imperfect.
> Richard.

Oh. I seen the typos but since you used the word "analyse" I tought you
mean something else and not the fact I omitted the "a" there:-)

I continued with "sci:re" on balkanika. Maybe some people will feel a
bit better without so much singular post on cybalist.