Re: [tied] d(e)rectum

From: altamix
Message: 30632
Date: 2004-02-04

--- In, Piotr Gasiorowski
<piotr.gasiorowski@...> wrote:
> 03-02-04 23:55, Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
> > In unstressed initial syllables, /e/ /e:/ and /i/ all give Rom. ã.
> ... with some qualifications: regularly after labials, /s/ and /r/,
> also at least occasionally in prefixal *de- (< di:-, de:-):
> dãpãra < *depeláre < de:pila:re
> dãrâma < *deramáre < de:- + *ra:ma:re
> Piotr

Aaaa , are you sure on what you write? "dãpãra". I must confese, I
never heard about this word but I want to proove home in the
regionalism. For sure there is "nãpãrli" for loosing hair
and "jumuli" for this ominous "dãpãra".
What should *ra:ma:re means? is cognate with *ra:pa:na:re?