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From: Joao
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Date: 2004-01-03

Oxen eating fish? Perhaps some kind of fish-meal...
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> (...)Fourth, fifteen species of ox, the white, mud-colored, red,
yellow, black, and dappled, the elk, the buffalo, the camel-leopard
ox, the fish-chewing ox, the Fars ox, the Kajau, and other species
of ox. (...)
> 1- What is a camel-leopard ox? A giraffe (camelopardalis in Greek)?
> 2- What is a fish-chewing ox ?

> Joao SL
    A possible answer to your second question can be found in Strabo
Book XV  Ch 2:
    " The country of the Ichthyophagi is on the sea-level; and most
of it is without trees, except palms and a kind of thorn and the
tamarisk; and there is a scarcity both of water and of foods
produced by cultivation; and both the people and their cattle use
fish for food and drink waters supplied by rains and wells; and the
meat of their cattle smells like fish."
     This is the Makran coast of modern Iran and Pakistan, and I
believe Strabo's information comes from Alexander's General Nearchus.

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