Romanian Frunzã 'leaf, foliage' (was: Romanian senin)

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 29028
Date: 2004-01-02

--- In, "alex_lycos" <altamix@...> wrote:
> Cununã seems to be the very old word if we take a look at the
> phonological aspect.I guess this is to find in "frunzã" which
seems to
> be older as the Latin "frondia".( BTW do you know the
demonstration of
> Timotei Cipariu regarding Rom. "frunza" and Latin "frondia"?)

No. The rules, as I encoded them (too) many months ago, happily
derive frunzã from both *frondia and *frundia. The biggest problem
with this word is that the neuter plural form is not attested in
Classical Latin - Classical Latin has fro:ns, frond-, which is
feminine. Its older form is fru:ns, frund-, and the n.s. forms
fru:s and fro:s are both attested. What is your point?