Re: Alb. afër/afro/afroj

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 28684
Date: 2003-12-21

--- In, "mbikqyres" <a96_aeu@...> wrote:
> Hello !
> Does anybody know the etymology of Albanin afër 'near' ?
> (Also afro 'approximately', afroj 'approach').
> Thanks in advance
> Alvin
Dear Alvin,
I gues that Alb. <afër> 'near, close to' is formed by zero-grade
combining form *n. > Alb. /a/ 'not' and *(s)per-1 (*sp > f) with a
wide range of extended senses, like "beyond", "far". So, orignary,
the meaning of Alb. <afër>, derived from *n.-sper was 'something
which is not far". <afroj> and <afro> (cf. lat. approximus) are
derivatives of <afër>, as <afri> 'closeness',
<përafërsisht> "approximately", etj.
Extended form of *n.- 'not' I see in negation prefix <as> 'not',
derived from *n.-s (cf. also <mos> 'don't' < *me:-s), another
argument of outcome of PIE /*s/ > Alb. /s/, besides /*s/ > /gj/
and /*s/ > /sh/.