Re: Alb. katër

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 27350
Date: 2003-11-17

--- In, "alex" <alxmoeller@...> wrote:

> That is right. And this is because it seems to me Albanian presents
> three way to handle this "kt" group.
> 1) kt > t
> 2) kt > it
> 3) kt > ft
> I assume that "kt" > "t" is the inherited change from PIE,"kt"
> "it" in
> Latin loans "kt" > "ft" is from TodayKnownAsRomanians due "pt"
> The "pt" > "ft" seems more probable as "kt" > "ft"; at least we
> attested in several languages the change of "p" to "f" but I am not
> aware of any language where "k" > "f" ( I know , there can be
> ignorance by my side, thus examples of "k" > "f" excluding via "p"
> should be welcome).

Wilful ignorance? I presume you recall the discussion of /kt/
> /xt/ > /ft/ > /pt/ starting at and ending at, even though your
posting was rejected. (I ought to get round to publishing some of
the off-line discussion of it we had.) For an example of /k/ > /f/,
we have PIE *reuk 'pluck' (? - the German gloss is 'rupfen')
(Extension d. of Pokorny root #1623 *reu 'tear out, acquire,...') >
OE _ru:h_ > English "rough", formerly [rVf] in X-SAMPA, i.e.
homophonous with English "ruff".