Re: Balkan linguistic geography

From: Jim Rader
Message: 26611
Date: 2003-10-23

Oh boy, I should have known Abdullah would react to this. OK, Kosova
has been Albanian since time immemorial and I suffer from delusions.
Really, I'm not pro-Serb (or anti-Serb either) and the last thing I want to
do is take sides. So much for an effort to make some generalizations.

Jim Rader

> I hesitate to reply to every nonsense, but I am curious to know where
> Mr. Rader found these recent migrations of Geg Albanian speakers into
> Kosova. Konushevci ************ I hesitate to generalize about Balkan
> linguistic geography, but some areas became a linguistic mosaic due to
> relatively recent migrations (e.g., of Geg Albanian speakers into
> Kosovo, of Serbs across the Danube in the late 17th century), combined
> with state-controlled immigration (e.g., of Turkish speakers into a
> number of areas, of Germans into Vojvodina).