Re: [tied] inscription no 7 (Re: Protobulgarian inscriptions)

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Date: 2003-07-07

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> > The inscriptions in the language of the Protobulgarians in
> Greek
> > letters are available here:
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Eva, for the inscription no 7 is not just Dobrev who tried to desciphre
it. There are some more names as :
N. Mavrodinov, M. Chisvasi-Comsa, Kurt Horedt, Radu Florescu, V.
Fizesian, Thomsen Willian,Csallany Deszö, Mora Ferenc, etc.
Unfortunately, I don't have their opinions here for quotting them to
you. I just invite you to compare the characters I posted in file
boila.jpg with the characters which are presented by Dobrev.
How I said, the original cup is in Viena and I should like to see now
which are the right characters for this inscriptions. The one from
Dobrev or the one I have here.