PGmc U-stem declension with Lithuanian and OCS equivalents for comp

From: Andy Howey
Message: 22223
Date: 2003-05-24

Hello, all:


In my previous post, I had sent a sample A-stem Lithuanian noun (vyras) for comparison against the two a-stem declension tables for PGmc *dagaz provided by Konrad.  I had also provided a sample u-stem declension for the Lithuanian and Old Church Slavic words for “son”, and I had guessed at the PGmc equivalent.  Well, I’ve gone through some books that I have, _Grammar of the Gothic Language_ by Joseph Wright and _Early Germanic Languages: Pre-, Proto-, and Post-Germanic Languages_ by Joseph B. Voyles, and I found what they each consider to be the valid declension for PGmc *sunuz.  I’ve included each of their renditions along with the Lithuanian and OCS equivalents.  The PGmc forms in parentheses with a “*” are forms thatI’ve extrapolated from the information provided by Konrad.  They may not be correct, but it’s the closest I could come.  Hopefully, this will be useful.


U-stem (son)

            Lith.                  PGmc               PGmc               OCS

                                    (Wright)             (Voyles)


N          sunùs               sunuz               sunuz               synu

A          sunu                 sunun               sunu                 synu

I           sunumì              (*sunô)              (*sunô)              synumi

D          sunui                suneu               suneu               synovi

Ab        -                       (*sunôt)             (*sunôt)             -

G          sunaus              sunauz              sunoz               synoü (syna)

L          sunujè               (*suni)               (*suni)               synoü (syne)

V          sunau               sun(-u/-au)         sunu                 synoü


N          su'nus               suniwiz             sunjuz               synove

A          sunus               sununz              sunu                 synui

I           sunumìs            (*sunôiz)           (*sunôiz)           synumi

D          sunùms             sunumiz            sunumz             synumu

Ab        -                       (*sunôm-?az)     (*sunôm-?az)     -

G          sunu~               suniwo~n          sunewo~           synovu

L          sunuosè            (*sunôzu)          (*sunôzu)          synuhu

V          su'nus               sunôz(ez)          -                       synove


Andy Howey