Religion and IE origins

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 20168
Date: 2003-03-21

>I find very intriguing about the stories there of gods " being
>born" in the [West] of India, better said in a region which point to

I think that these belief systems are completely seperate (at
least in terms of origins) from language and the origins of

As far as I see, these religious systems you mention are related
and mostly stem from the Neolithic of the eastern Mediterranean
where I believe there was once great influence on the surrounding
cultures and languages. Christian mythology would also stem from
here, such as the concept of the demi-god known as "Jesus" (aka
Hercules, Gilgamesh) and the self-impregnating (or perhaps
"sexually promiscuous") goddess known as "Mary" (aka Aphrodite,
Venus, Ishtar, Inanna).

- gLeN

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