Re: Ecology, River Sarasvati and roots of Civilization of Bharat

From: S.Kalyanaraman
Message: 18889
Date: 2003-02-19

--- In, Juha Savolainen <juhavs@...> wrote:
> Nobody denies that the Greater Indus Valley area is>
neotectonically very active. Nobody denies that river> courses have
migrated. Nobody denies that the mature> Harappan sites can be
approximately dated from 2600> BCE to 1800 BCE. Nobody denies that
this culture and> its neighbours were dependent on the rivers for
much> of their prosperity.

Juha, glad to note that we are agreed on some (old and new) facts;
this is a good start. Interpretation will flow on as Sarasvati once
did. I would strongly commend Prof. Valdiya's two little books: 1.
Sarasvati -- the river that disappeared and 2. Dynamic Himalayas for
more facts.

For more, please await my 7-volume encyclopaedic work on Sarasvati.