Re: [tied] "Sinew" versus "Sinus"

From: alex_lycos
Message: 18617
Date: 2003-02-09

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
> I'm therefore tempted to agree with Pokorny and relate the Germanic
> 'sinew' word to *sh2ai(-H)- 'bind, tie' as in PGmc. *saila- 'rope' >
> Ger. Seil, OE sa:l, Goth. v. insailjan,>
> Piotr

One question Piotr:

Rom. "însãila"=to stitch is given by DEX as conf. 'saia'.

saia (1)= thin thread . unknown etymology
saia (2)= provisorium refuge for animals cf. DEX from turkish "saye"=
saia (3)= thin texture, clothes made of this texture, from turkish

I always suspected this is loan from Gothic( I have a list with more
such words, but now I seen the "insailjan" here and remembered about).
If I am not wrong regarding the loaning from Gothic of the word
"însãila" I have a big problem regarding the time of closing the
rhotacism of intervocalic "l". Should it have been already done in the
III-IV centuries?