From: Daniel J. Milton
Message: 18520
Date: 2003-02-07

Since we're going into silliness regarding the Croats, here's one,
involving the famous lost colony of Roanoke, the first British
settlement in what is now the USA. When Raleigh's ships came back
after three years in 1591, they found the colony deserted but the word
CROATAN carved on a tree, interpreted as meaning the colonists had
gone to an Indian village of that name. The interesting thing is that
the Croatan Indians were not really natives, but Croatians who had
arrived before Columbus. It's got to be true -- there are a hundred
Web sites that say so.
Dan Milton

--- In, x99lynx@... wrote:
> "S.Kalyanaraman <kalyan97@...> writes:
> <<About Haraxwaiti. Many Croats claim that they are descendants from
> region. Sarasvati > Haraxwaiti > Hravat > Kravat > Croat. Counter?
> Nationalism!>>
> I'm on the road, but this made things so clear that I had to write.
> I'm not sure what being named after a river in India (or wherever)
has to do
> with Croat nationalism -- what did I miss the news? Are the Croats
> they have title to some land in India or something? -- but I do see
a much
> more telling genealogy revealed.
> Just consider what impact THIS will have on our interpretation of
> Sarasvati > Haraxwaiti > Hravat > Kravat....
> Sarasvati > Sarosvatki > Sorotki > Sorok (!)
> Kravat [i] Sorok!!! Mere coincidence? Ha! At last, the Urheimat
of the
> shirt and tie!! The birthplace of civilized men's fashions! Let's
see what
> the French have to say about that!!!
> Counter? Abject haberdashery!!!
> SL
> PS - There may be a river named Ko-a-ton-a in Hawaii and if I were the
> Croats -- with all due and much respect to the Indian nation -- I'd
rather be
> named after a river in Hawaii, especially if it gives you any kind
of a claim
> to ancestral land, particularly ocean-front.