Re: [tied] Fw: Sorok i devianosto

From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2003-01-28

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> > There's also a subversion of this etymology, explaining ORuss
_sorokU_ eventually from the Proto-Slavic root-nest *sork- 'shirt;
any sack-like object' (cf. ORuss _soroc^IkU_ '40 skins' < 'sack of 40
skins' < 'sack', but _soroc^ica_ 'shirt').
> Thanks. That, I think, is what Comrie actually wrote too, perhaps
suggesting a trade loan from Slavic into Germanic -- I don't remember
the details. The earliest I can check it up in that book on IE
numerals is on Friday.

Danish 'særk' "dress, undergarment, shirt". The kind of word you'd
meet in Medieval ballads.


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