Re: [tied] Green

From: alex_lycos
Message: 18197
Date: 2003-01-27

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
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> The Latin form that closely corresponds to Germanic *wurtiz <
> *wr.h2d-i-s is <ra:dix> (<ra:di:c->) < *wr.h2d-ih2-. <ra:mus> is
> another related Latin word, but <viridis> _cannot_ belong here (or
> with *werdH-). It is a derivative of the verb <vireo:> 'green over,
> grow green', in which the /wir-/ part cannot derive either from
> *[wer] or from *[wr.]. It must contain an original *i, and the most
> likely connection is therefore with the root *weis- (Pokorny's
> 'sprout, grow'), with Balto-Slavic and Germanic cognates
> Piotr

hmmm. German "Würzel" , Mhd "wurzel", Ahd "wurzala",, Dutch "wortel", "
OE " wyrtwalu" = "Krautstock"

Wurz= Mhd, Ahd="wurz", gotish="waurts", engl. "wort", swedish "ört" from
pie *(e)ra:d, cogante with latin "radix".
Interesting Piotr, dont you find?
Special the gothic form "waurts" it remember me of an "vardza"