Re: [tied] Linear A as an early form of Indo-European

From: Alwin K.
Message: 18188
Date: 2003-01-27

John wrote:

> Luwian *astanus is a cognate of Hittite *Istanu, or
> *Isten who was
> a "Sun" Hittite sun goddess. In contact with
> Mesopotamian
> Shamash "she" cahnged gender and was believed to be
> a creator and
> judge, he is depicted bearing a winged sun on his
> crown or headdress,
> and a crooked staff. The name is possibly derived
> from Hattic
> *estan, 'sun' and 'day'.
> Since you seem to be wrong regarding the Luwian,
> perhaps the article
> has more value than you originally thought.

Again: the word is not Luwian. We indeed find
(D)Istanu- besides (D)Astanu-, but both words are
never found in Luwian texts, cuneiform nor
hieroglyphic, are never found gloss-wedged, so there's
just nothing Luwian about Astanu-. Both forms are
Hittitizations of Hattic Estan-, Astan- 'sun'. Not
Luwian. My point therefore was: if the writer of the
article not only randomly picks words from languages,
but also mixes these languages up, we should perhaps
spend our time reading more interesting things.


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