Re: [tied] Re: latin viridis (it was green albanian)

From: Miguel Carrasquer
Message: 18174
Date: 2003-01-27

On Sun, 26 Jan 2003 23:10:38 +0100, Piotr Gasiorowski
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>> > If you want more examples, consider virga > vargã or missa > masã.
>> oh, my o my.
>> *virgulla > vergea , virga > vargã mensa > masã
>> viduus > vãduv, vigor > vigoare, vinco > (in)vinge. vitellus > vitsel,
>> I am already dizzy with so many exceptions:-)
>You haven't given any exceptions so far. It's very frustrating to explain things to somebody who doesn't read carefully. <virga> of course developed regular /a/ (> verga > veargã > vargã). In *<virgulla> the /i/ is unstressed, hence the different development; in <mensa> there is no /i/ at all (here the development was, I suppose, mensa > me:sa [cf. Appendix Probi] > mesa > measã > masã, in perfect accordance with the rules quoted by Miguel.
>In the remaining words the /i/ is not followe by final /-a/, which is a necessary condition of the change /i/ > /a/. In <viduu-> it isn't penultimate

There is of course vidua "widow", Rom. vãduvã stressed on the ú, so
not relevant (I suspect a bit of contamination here from Slavic

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal