Re: [tied] Re: latin viridis (it was green albanian)

From: alex_lycos
Message: 18166
Date: 2003-01-26

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
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>> Piotr, you disappoint me here ( joking). It seems you forgot the old
>> Latin word for "pira" which is "peera", don't you? This form is in
>> Italian "pera" , in Romanian "para" and in Dutch "peer" and English
>> "pear"
> Wrong. OE pere ~ peru (with a short vowel) reflects Vulg.Lat. pira
> (Class. pirum 'pear (the fruit)'). "Old Latin peera" is unknown to me
> If you want more examples, consider virga > vargã or missa > masã.

oh, my o my.
*virgulla > vergea , virga > vargã mensa > masã

viduus > vãduv, vigor > vigoare, vinco > (in)vinge. vitellus > vitsel,

I am already dizzy with so many exceptions:-)

> After so much explanation you should have been able to find them
> yourself
> Piotr

Well, my dictionary says that english "pear" reflects Old Latin "peer".
But let se an another source:

pear - O.E. pere, peru, from V.L. *pira, fem. sing. of L. pira, pl. of
pirum "pear."

why here *pira with "*"?