Re: [tied] Re: yellow

From: george knysh
Message: 18157
Date: 2003-01-26

--- g <gs001ns@...> wrote:
> >Sharkel ("White Castle") was a Khazarian
> >foundation, and here the "white" referred to
> >geographical location rather than status.******
> Does this toponym actually mean... "yellow"?
> (Turk. sarI /$arI/, Hungarian s�rga /'Sa:rgO/)

*****GK: According to the Turkologist O. Pritsak it
does. Cf. his Khazarian Hebrew documents of the 10th
century (Cornell University Press 1982), p. 152:
"(Turkic $arig. 'white' [later also 'yellow']". And
Khazarian Sharkel was rendered "Bela Vezha" in the
Rus' Primary Chronicle.*****

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