Re: green albanian

From: tolgs001
Message: 18132
Date: 2003-01-26

alex_lycos wrote:

>about yellow:
>In Romanian I showed that "galben" is not the root , but "gãlb".

You showed your personal assumption.
"galb-" must be the main root. "gãlb-" is only sort of an
... umlautization. Because of certain derivation circum-
stances. Such as in the verb "a îngãlbeni - îngãlbenire".
Or in "gãlbinare/gãlbenare/gãlbãnare" (the common word for
icterus/hepatitis) or in the adj (actually a past participle)
"gãlbejit" (which is a strong derogatory term for e.g.
someone pale & skinny).

Also note that "galben" is today's standard form.
But there still exist these variants: "galbin", "galbãn"
and "galbîn" /galbIn/. The most frequent both in older
Romanian and in various contemporary dialects thereof
is "galbãn" (whose plural, however, is "galbeni").

>I speak about "galbeazã" one of the words which is not
>derivable from Latin "galbinus".

Rather an assimilation <yellow>+<the Albanian word>.
Used in the context of certain animal diseases, esp. of
sheep, exclusively (Fascicola hepatica & Dicrocelium
dentriticum; entero-parasytes). The vast majority of the
Rum. native speakers have to look "galbeaza" in the
dictionary in order to get its meaning.

>And indeed there is the Albanian word. It is "gëlbazë"
>and "gelbazet"

Are you sure it isn't rather spelled _këlbazë_?

>the root is like in romanian "gëlb".

The Romanian counterpart is not "gëlb-", but "galb-".
(And I'd expect the Albanian ones to be (1) "gjëlb-"
and (2) "këlb-".)