Re: [tied] Linear A as an early form of Indo-European

From: John
Message: 18128
Date: 2003-01-26

Alwin wrote

> I think it's rubbish. Firstly it's methodologically
> wrong to compare the Linear A texts to three different
> languages (Greek, Hittite and Luwian) and to pick
> randomly words from these languages that could fit a
> translation. Secondly, I don't get where she takes her
> Luwian "knowledge" from. Of Athena she says "her name
> transparently means sun (atano- cf Luwian
> astanus)" while I have never come across a Luwian word
> astanus for 'sun' (the only word meaning 'sun'is
> tiwat-, ultimately from PIE *diu-). Such articles are
> a waist of time.

Luwian *astanus is a cognate of Hittite *Istanu, or *Isten who was
a "Sun" Hittite sun goddess. In contact with Mesopotamian
Shamash "she" cahnged gender and was believed to be a creator and
judge, he is depicted bearing a winged sun on his crown or headdress,
and a crooked staff. The name is possibly derived from Hattic
*estan, 'sun' and 'day'.

Since you seem to be wrong regarding the Luwian, perhaps the article
has more value than you originally thought.