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From: alex_lycos
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Date: 2003-01-26

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
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>> Of course Miguel will argue that even the Albanian "verdha" is the
>> same Latin word "viridis" but with a changed semantism as in
>> Romance, in fact actually inverse with the one in Romanians:-)
> Of course. Such shifts happen frequently with colour words -- not
> that 'yellow' and 'green' are really opposites; in some languages
> their names are derived from the same root
> Likewise, there can be no question that <gjelbër> continues Lat.
> galbinum (the phonological development is 100% regular). Its history
> (apart from the semantic switch) is more straightforward than that of
> Italian giallo which I think is a loan from Old French (<jalne>)
> rather than a direct _local_ reflex of <galbinum>
> Piotr

about yellow:

In Romanian I showed that "galben" is not the root , but "gãlb". Just
this one allow all derivatives and "galben" is one of them. I thought
that in Albanian there should be too derivatives of "gjelbe:r" which
will show too that the root is an another, like in Romanian.
Albanians have a common word with Romanians, word which is considered by
scholars to belong to substratum.
I speak about "galbeazã" one of the words which is not derivable from
Latin "galbinus".
And indeed there is the Albanian word. It is "gëlbazë" and "gelbazet"
If you will show that "gjelbër" is not related to "gëlbazë" then you are
right, Albanian form is a regular form from Latin "galbinus". If you
cannot show it, then you are obliged to accept that from Latin
"galbinus" cannot derives the Albanian word "gëlbazë" and here too, the
root is like in romanian "gëlb".
Your thoughts is that Latin "-inus" went as follows:
"s"= mute, "n" became rothacised so, you have "iru" and from "iru" >

a) can you show the "gjëlbër" is not in the same family with "gëlbazë"?

b) about "viridis": I have to make up my mind and I will revert.
3) if the both Albanian words are related how I suppose, then, there is
something to do in the field of romanistic because something doesnt work