From: alex_lycos
Message: 18008
Date: 2003-01-23

yellow - O.E. geolu, geolwe, from P.Gmc. *gelwaz, from PIE *ghel-/*ghol-
"yellow, green." Adj. meaning "light-skinned" (of blacks) first recorded
1808. Sense of "cowardly" is 1856, of unknown origin; the color was
traditionally associated rather with treachery. Yellow-bellied is from
1924, probably a rhyming reduplication of yellow. Slang yellow dog
"contemptible person" first recorded 1881. Yellow journalism
"sensational chauvinism" is 1898, Amer.Eng. from newspaper agitation for
war with Spain, originally from use of colored ink in "Yellow Kid" comic
strip as a publicity stunt (1895) by the "New York World."

German: gelb
Romanian word = galben
Albanian word= gjelbe:r ( but semantic= green, not yellow)
Russian: zelenyj
Sanskrit: hari-h
I don't know anything about etymology of Albanian word but the Romanian
one is given by DEX as deriving from Latin "galbinus".
I have here again the problem with my bad dictionary since I could not
find any "galbinus" there for verifying the semantism of the Latin word.
Any idea about Latin "galbinus" ?
In my dictionary I could find just "galba" ( keltisch "Schmerbauch":
cognome der gens Sulpicia); Galbiani= Anhänger Galbas; galbaneus ( einem
wohlrichenden Harz)"
The word I know for "yellow" in Latin "helvus"