Re: [tied] Ancient female figurines (was Medieval Dragons, dog/snak

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 17976
Date: 2003-01-23

>>At least in regards to the name *Yemos, Yama would be the Vedic
>>counterpart. How is Yama's skull the sky, his brain the clouds,
>>his eyes the sun and moon? Is Yama the cosmos?
>Someone better versed in Vedic studies should handle this. I
>think that Lincoln is suggesting that the role of Yama as the lord of the
>dead is relevant; he is the first to die.

But of course he is the first to die -- He represents the first
to die and the first victim of the first sin. I don't see how he
necessarily needs to be the cosmos just because he may be the
first to die.

- gLeN

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