Re: [tied] Primordial Man, Ymir, *Yemos, PIE cosmogony

From: João Simões Lopes Filho
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Date: 2003-01-23

Twin because he is hermaphrodit, cf. Germanic Tuisto (Twist-), meaning a double being.
Joao SL
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Because I think *Yemos and *Manus are not Twins. The Celestial Twins are  the sons of the Horse-God and a giantess or demoness.

   But if *Yemos is "twin" he must be twinned with someone.
   I'm curious about your family tree for the Celestial Twins.  I often see them connected with the Sun Maiden, who is connected with horses; in both Greece/Rome and among the Balts they are the sons of *Dyeus; and they are themselves associated with horses.  But a horse god?  I don't see one in IE religion.  Who is the giantess/demoness?

David Fickett-Wilbar

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