Re: [tied] Primordial Man, Ymir, *Yemos, PIE cosmogony

From: João Simões Lopes Filho
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Date: 2003-01-22

I personally think Puhvel's linking of Remus to *Yemos (original *Iemus,
corrupted by folk-association to Romulus) is very plausible. But I have
doubts if the "Primordial Man" was killed by the "Man", and cannot see this
pair as twins. In fact Germanic Tuisto is linked to Mannus, but I can´t see
them as brothers. Romulus/Remus was influenced also by the IE Celestial

Joao SL
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> I'm trying to follow your discussion, and will interject a question.
> Is Puhvel's interpretation of Ymir and Yama as "Twin" accepted
> generally (or by Cybalisters individually)? Is it's in fact Puhvel's
> interpretation or common knowledge?
> I did read a book a few years ago, specifically on the Roman myth
> of Remus, that seemed to me to thoroughly refute Puhvel's twin
> theory, at least as it applied to Remus. Sorry I don't remember the
> details, or even the reference.
> Dan Milton
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