Re: [tied] Ancient female figurines (was Medieval Dragons, dog/snak

From: danjmi
Message: 17896
Date: 2003-01-21

I read the story earlier today, and did some checking. Here's a
quote from a two-year old story I found on the Net:
"When most people look at stone-age cave paintings, they see
charging bulls, prancing reindeer and other animals.
Dr. Michael A. Rappenglueck also sees maps of the night sky, and
images of shamanistic ritual teeming with cosmological meaning."
BBC should be ashamed of publicizing such nonsense.
My opinion.
Dan Milton

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> Hello:
> Here's a link that Glen and others might find interesting:
> It's being called the "oldest star chart" that has been found and
was supposedly made by people of the Aurignacian culture. This
artifact was found in the Ach Valley in the Alb-Danube region of
> Andy Howey