From: x99lynx@...
Message: 17874
Date: 2003-01-21

<<Also, it strikes me that OE <wo:dnesdaeg> looks a lot closer to the
reconstructed *wodinaz than OE <woden> or OHG <woutan>. Is it possible
Wednesday originates in an older, more proto form of the Odin name than we
see in the OE or OHG version - or is this just a case ending difference?>>

<richard.wordingham@...> REPLIED:
<<In what way? I hope you're not comparing the nominative singular ending
*-az with the OE genitive singular -es.>>

I guess I was. Is <wo:dnes-> the OE genitive singular form of <wo:den>, or
is it contracted? How would the genitive form of *-az have differed?

Maybe what I was thinking of was the OFrisian form, <wo:nsdei>. I'm
presuming the OFrisian genitive of <wo:den> was NOT <w:ons>. But I don't
know that.

Steve Long