Re: [tied] Re: Translation

From: Ken Pfrenger
Message: 17823
Date: 2003-01-20

How about Ngnigenh1-e:s, -os-?


   Would *ngnye/os be the genitive of *ngnis?  If so, would it be better for the first half?  As for the second, *genH1- means (according to the EIEC) "beget a child, be born."  How do we get from that to "born?"  Have you added an adjectival or noun ending?  What are the rules for such things?
   Thanks for your help.

I am the originator of the questions of 'born of fire'. Basically i was looking at the roots in my own first name, Kenneth. From what I have been able to come up with it originates with the name Cináed, which according to my somewhat shakey source means born of fire. I can see the 'cin' root as being related or derived from *gen and the 'áed' root is near the OI for fire...which I am assuming comes from * I don't think it is a stretch to find 'born of fire' in the name Cináed.

I just wanted a better entymology  for the name than I am able to come up with.

On a related subject, has anyone really looked into the entymology of names?

Thanks for putting up with a true beginner in the study.