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From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2003-01-20

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> > The word *swesor does appear to be composed of *swe "self" or "of
> > one's own (family)" and *-sor, a feminine ending.
> Hello,
> These attempts to get at some sort of PIE phratries or marriage
> pattern system are very interesting [or was it just Torsten who was
> getting at that with his 'over the water' thing? And maybe this
> water is what Glen's *aXwe or whatever has to be 'carried over'?].
> All the Best,
> Ben


Émile Benveniste: Indo-European Language and Society, London 1973

I discovered that many of the phratry/moiety things I mention came
from him. And Miguel analysed the -ter "either" suffix many postings
back. Hermann Möller has the suffix in that sense too.