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From: alex_lycos
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Date: 2003-01-20

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
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>> Hier is an very interesting question Piotr. The word in question ,
>> "zimbru" is a Thracian word
> You may say so, but is there any particular reason to believe you?
> According to Aristotle, the Thracian word for 'bison' was
> <bolintHos>, discussed on this list not so long ago

>> Now we have two possibility: -the word existed in Slavic languages
>> under the form "zabru" too as it existed in Thracian under the form
>> "zVmbrV" -the romanced population forgot (?) the Thracian word
>> "zVmbrV" (V= vowel) and they learned it again from Slavs. It seems
>> very plausible. The only point here is that the Romanians brought
>> again to the form "zVmbrV" as the Thracian form of the word which is
>> attested by Greeks
> Where, namely, is it attested in this particular form and with this
> particular meaning?
> Piotr

see please Wilhelm Tomaschek "Die Alten Thraken, Eine ethnologische
Untersuchung, Wien 1893" and the glosses discussed there.The refferences
given by Tomascheck are as follows:
-zómbros -tragelafos ápó Thrákes élthun (Morelli Bibl. mscr. I 59)
AP. IX,300 "Addaiou épigrammaeis Peukesten, tauron ton kaloumenon
zóumbron logxeusanta;
Nicetas Chon. p. 433 a. 1164 "zoúmpros zwon kata tous Tauroskuthas (en
tois oresi ton Komanon) foumenon malista kai trefomenon".

I belive it is better if I scan the page and post it in files, may I do