Re: Morphology (1/20)

From: tgpedersen
Message: 17685
Date: 2003-01-16

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> > Albanian has a peculiar ending -ni in the 2 pl. It is tempting
> see in it a
> > continuation of Hittite -teni, but given the existence of -të or -
> ët in
> > non-present forms (pointing to plain extra-Anatolian *-te), an
> origin in
> > agglutinated *-nu: "now" (Rasmussen) is probably preferrable.
> Only if it helps.
> There is an Albanian form used in spoken language which takes these
> shapes (sometimes depending on the dialect): <një>, <nje(h)>,
> <ni(h)>, <qe> used in the meaning "(t)here you have it, right here,
> right now", of the same meaning as <ja>.
> Alvin

Swedish had -n, the origin of (-n I >) <ni> "ye". No trace in
Danish or Norwegian. Also old imper. pl. -n (Danish -r).