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From: danjmi
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Date: 2003-01-16

Some explaining, and maybe we can calm down and get back to Indo-
First,in case the phrase "gives fits' is unfamiliar to some non-
English-speaking readers, it means to arouse an undue negative
reaction, usually disproportionate to the cause. I may be
completely wrong in thinking Hobson-Jobson gives fits to anybody,
but other examples of throwing fits may occur to some.
Hobson-Jobson, subtitled "A Glossary of Colloquial Anglo-Indian
Words and Phrases, and of Kindred Terms, Etymological, Historical,
Geographical and Discursive" by Yule and Burnell, was published in
1886 (a revised edition appeared in 1985). Aside from its
linguistic usefulness, it is a monument of the Imperialist Era, when
the British were the rulers and always would be the rulers and the
Natives were the lesser breeds. If everyone in India nowadays
recognizes that the past is the past and reminders of earlier
injustices are met with equanimity, then I'm happy for that uniquely
fortunate land.
Dan Milton
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> Portuguese. 'Casta', race, breed, family, < Latin 'castus'
> > pure. Hobson-Jobson (a wonderful book, that I imagine gives
> to
> > contemporary Indian nationalists
> Why should that book give fits to Indian Nationalists? Please
> explain, if it also gives fits to Eurocentric racists.
> It amazes me how people ignorant of political realities in India
> eloquent on political matters in that country.
> Perhaps you are unaware that nationalism and nationalist are not
> words in India at all. The only people who hate these in India are
> hypocrites and Marxists. Nationalism in India merely means love
> one's country, and it does not mean hatred for other countries.
> as love for one's mother does not mean that the person hates
> of others.
> And outside India, I have come across people who consider
> as 'above' nationalism, but are in fact found crushed BELOW petty
> failings of mind - such as the inability to be honest on internet
> discussions!