Re: [tied] Fwd: Aryanism and Journal of Indo-European Studies

From: S.Kalyanaraman
Message: 17664
Date: 2003-01-16

--- In, "Glen Gordon" <glengordon01@...>
wrote:> Phillipe:
> >I wonder wether (and why) to say that PIE people and language
doesn't come > >from India is to be a neo-nazi?
> Let's see, Mr Kalyanaraman is apparently unsatisfied with
> Dravidian languages (spoken largely by very dark-skinned folks)
> being a native language of India, so he'd rather have
> Indo-European languages (historically spoken by more
> light-skinned folks) as the native language of India. Oh gee,
> I'm sorry if _that_ sounded neo-nazi-ish. Is Kalyanaraman still
> on this list? Is he still blaiming Europeans for the world's
> problems? I haven't kept track, I was too busy pressing the
> delete button.

Ye, Glen, I am on the list and am waiting to hear about the
etymology for 'caste'. Why should I blame Europeans for the world's
problems? They have caused enough problems colonizing India. Anyway,
they have given English which enables me to converse on this list.

If genetic advances are to be believed, all skins, dark- or light-
skinned ultimately came from Africa.

I am very much satisfied with the Dravidian languages spoken today
in India and perhaps in some parts of Baluchistan. Any other

Yes, I am certainly looking for (1) the language(s) spoken on the
banks of River Sarasvati and along the coast-line of Gujarat circa
3000 BCE and (2) to relate the tongues to the glyphs of a
civilization which had contacts -- maritime, riverine --, maybe,
beyond Mesopotamia, upto Anatolia.

Am I Tamil? I am 2/3 substrate. I would like to see linguists in
India studying the substrate and explain fully the semantic
evolution of and interactions among Munda, Dravidian and I-A
languages in the land bounded by the Himalayas and three oceans
right from the period of glaciation, say, 18000 C-14 years ago.
[Note: this part of Asia was not covered with ice sheets.]