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From: João Simões Lopes Filho
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Date: 2003-01-14

It opens a new door... Some Greek dragons have this power, but not all. What
if "drakon" have foreign origin, later adaptated to Greek phonetics. For
example - It's just a crazy thought - if drakon was a cognate of gorgon
(perhaps through *g^rgon- > *Drgon- (cf. PIE *g^ > Albanese d) > *Drakon.

Joao SL
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> > *****GK: Quite. That was the point of my question.
> > Would it imply something like "what a sight!!"? *****
> Not really. Gk. <drako:n> can be interpreted as 'one characterised by
> staring' (cf. <drakos> n. 'eye'), presumably a creature with evil
> eyes that hurt or kill, like a cockatrice's.
> Piotr
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