Re: Medieval Dragons, dog/snake, Greek Dragons

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> This associatian of Yahve with Yash/Ea is very plausible. Ea was called
> the Hittites as Eash, Aash, Ayash, Yash, Iyash, Yayash (cf. Indian king
> Yayati ?). I guess perhaps Iapetos/Yapheth might have this element
> Perhaps one of the Cretan names of Zeus, Za:n < *Ya:-(n). And how
> He:ra <*He:- < Hewa- ?
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> The association of woman, tree of life and serpent is thus a very old
> one. Ninhursag or Ninti was also present in the Canaano-Syrian lands
> where she was known under the Semitic translation of Ninti
> as "Hawah", a title of Asherah meaning the mother of all living.
> Amongst the Neo-Hittites she was called *Hawwah (Life), and to the
> Aramaic speaking Persians she was *Hvov (Earth). In Aramaic,
> mother of all living, the Aramaic name of Eve, is linked to the verb
> *hawa (to instruct), and *heywa (serpent). Eve's name in Arabic still
> links life *heyyat with the serpent *hayyat. In Hebrew she was HWH,
> Chawah, known to us as Eve. From this point of view the original
> meaning of the Tetragrammaton, YHWH, is simply that at the time of
> the act of union between Enki/Ea, (Yah) and the lady of the mountain,
> Ninhursag, (or Hawah) beside the burning bush of the sacred tree, Yah
> joined with HWH to make the sacred name - the Holy of Holies -
> This was the Elohim (or "Host of Heaven", a plural feminine noun) -
> the union of God and Goddess, the moment of creation, the time in
> which one like Moses could literally speak with the Gods.
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Ahmet Osman has tried to identify Yuya, the vezir of Amenhotep III, as
Joseph of the OT (Yu-seph, follower of Yu). Yuya's name is spelled out
in Egyptian, using one hieroglyph per phoneme (as they would do with
foreign names; Japanese solves that problem in the same way).