Re: [tied] Gallehus horn

From: Marc Verhaegen
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Date: 2003-01-11

Or: "I, HH, decorated/completed this horn"
Dutch "tooien" = to decorate, Dutch "voltooien" = to finish


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The two gold horns from Gallehus (dated to the early fifth century) were
stolen and melted down by the thieves in 1802, but the celebrated Old Runic
inscription has survived in copies.



<ek, Hlewagastiz Holtijaz, horna tawido>

'I, Hlewagast of Holt [locative or perhaps patronymic], made the horn'


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>Here's the Gallehus Horn inscription translated into eastern Old
>Norse (say, runic Swedish):
>Jak, Hlägästr Höltir, horn tada.

What's the meaning in English? apologies if I missed it before.


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