to bear

From: alex_lycos
Message: 17527
Date: 2003-01-11

The etymology of English " to bear" is given as follows:

bear (v.) - O.E. beran "bear, bring, wear" (class IV strong verb; past
tense bær, pp. boren), from P.Gmc. *beranan, from PIE root *bher-
meaning both "give birth" (though only Eng. and Ger. strongly retain
this sense) and "carry, bring" (cf. Gk. pheró "I carry," L. ferre "to
carry," O.Ir. beru/berim "I catch, I bring forth," Goth. bairan "to
carry," Skt. bharati "carries," O.C.S. bïrati "to take"). Many senses
are from notion of "move onward by pressure." O.E. past tense bær became
bare, the literary form till after 1600. Past participle distinction of
borne for "carried" and born for "given birth" is 1775. Ball bearings
"bear" the friction; bearing "way of carrying oneself" is in M.E.

The Romanian word "baierã"= string , belt to bind an object to carry, to
transport this object. The etymology of Romanian word is given from
Latin "bajulus, bajula". I could not find a "bajula" but "baiulus".

Latin "baiulus"=Lastträger, to carry a weight.

Well, the meaning "to carry" was as well as in Gothic , in Latin , is in
English and Romanian .
The people who want to see a Latin word in the Romanian one, they will
explain trough as follow:
Latin "s" was mute in Eastern Romance so bajalus > baiaru . From baiaru
Steps are in this way:
diphtongation of "i" for giving an "ie" and sincope of "a" , the "u"
becoming "ã" at the end of the word.

But "u" gave an "a" in Romanian ? Of course not, but there is the
"baiula" I could not find in my dictionary so maybe there is not a
problem if the word "bajula" existed.
The people who want to have a substratum word here will argue that even
the gothic form is more closer to the romanian one:
bairan with the specific German "n" = baira- , Romanian "baiera".
The only one transformation here is the diphtongation of "i" to "ie".

The question is: is this a Latin word in Romanian or not? And how can be
argued? I hope that there is no argument like " there is no written
testimonies about"J