Re: [tied] spylian (PIE part)

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 17523
Date: 2003-01-11

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Subject: Re: [tied] spylian (PIE part)

> In so far, I agree that the hypothesis of a loan from Germanic is not
> correct ; I go further with my toughs and I suppose there is a PIE root
> which allowed the Germanic form and the Romanian and Albanian form. A
> root like "*sp(h)el(e)"- should be a very good candidate for Romanian
> and Germanic but I don't know how Albanian will react here.

PGmc. *ul may indeed reflect PIE *[l.] (syllabic */l/), which would probably require a root like *spelH- (*spl.H- > Gmc. *spul-). The vocalism could be made to work. Unfortunately, there are those other problems I mentioned (apart from there being no independent attestation of such a root with a meaning 'rinse, wash out' or similar). Initial *sp- should have given Albanian /p-/, and *l should have been rhotacised in Romanian.

> P.S.
> If the rhotacism in Romanian is so important in your eyes, there can be
> the root "*sp(h)ell(e)-" as well :-)))))

The PIE morpheme-structure constraints rule out this possibility. *-ll- doesn't occur in PIE morphemes.