Re: [tied] can, pot

From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 17459
Date: 2003-01-07

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
> The Oxford English Dictionary does not accept the Greek/Latin 'reed'
> > Germanic 'vessel, can' connection. It makes little sense to me too.
> The (NW) Germanic word is a weak feminine (*kann-o:n-) and its origin
> is plainly obscure.
> The Latin word is actually <canna> (= Gk. kanna ~ kanne:), a loan
> from Semitic (*qanaw- 'reed' > Akkad. qanû, Hebr. qa:ne, Aram.
> qanya:, Arab. qana:h). Lat. canistrum and Gk. kanastron, kaneon
> 'wicker basket' are "travelling" technical terms possibly related to
> these 'reed' words. It seems the Gk. kano:n 'rod, bar, ruler' (hence
> <canon>) was also borrowed from a related source.
> Piotr

I have the same feeling that there is no connection between "reed" and "
I wonder about languages where the word today exist , having the same
phonetic aspect and the same semantism.
That the word is in Bulgarian too it seems OK to me.Bulgarian got it
from Romanians. That the word is in Romanian I can accept it as a loan
from Gothic or Gepidic as one of the possibilities.
But that the word is in Albanian too and that changes somehow the
scenario. Can we think this is a Balcanic word?
That will be not the only one to found in Albanian, Romanian and
Germanic languages only.