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Message: 17457
Date: 2003-01-07

ATTENTION! The following information are information I could not verify
personally. Please if you have the quoted texts , correct these
information if they are erroneous.

"Celeres", in greek "xelec", "Keler" = equites

info 1
In the old times the cavalry corpus of the Romans was made from the
richest people of Rome and this corpus was called "celeres"

info 2
in the old Greek "xelos" = horse to ridd on not to work with (Odiyss. 5.
Paus. 6. 12. 1)
The same word should be found by Suida , this time with form "Keles" (
unfort. I have no reference about "where" in Suida):-((

Info 3 ( here I have no idee how someone can verify it )
For the Aeolians the word "keler" have had the meaning "ridder" too.

Does anyone have the possibility to verify at least in Odiyssea if this
word is attested indeed in this form and what a meaning this word has?

As for Latin word "celer"= quick. But as info, I find in my Latin
dictionary that "Celeres= oldest name for Latin knights" (aeltester Name
der römischen Ritter).
Can we suppose here that "knight"= horseman ?
So far I know at least in medieval times, a knight must should have had
a horse:-) ( No, there is no allusion regards "Veles" and the birthday's
gift suggerated by Dan Milton for Glen:-))